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This Day in Science Fiction History: 6 June

Fictional Entry—Thursday, June 6, 1991

Interior of Chernoton Research Center in Moscow, Russia, showing glove boxes with the gloves out. From the video game Snatcher.
Interior of Chernoton Research Center in Moscow, Russia (© Konami 1986)

Mission “Scorched Earth”


Timeline Report


1987: First evidence of advanced research “Frankenstein Project Team”. Memo captured from in-line transmission tap.


87-04-06-1414 м

Тестирование на вирус Люцифер-Альфа на приматах дало положительный результат. Уровень заражения превышает 60%. Подтверждена воздушно-капельная и контактная инфекция.

Развитие биороидного эндоскелета положительное. Внешний биослой требует дополнительного персонала для продолжения исследований.

Рекомендовать пригласить европейских или американских ученых без знания страны происхождения.



87-04-06-1414 m

Lucifer-Alpha virus testing on primates positive. Infection rate in excess of 60%. Airborne and contact infection verified.

Bioroid endoskeleton progress is positive. Outer biolayer requires additional personnel for continued research.

Recommend European or American scientists be brought in without home country knowledge.


1988 August: Insertion of an agent into the project. Reports indicate continued research into both bioweapons and infiltration and assassination robotics.


1988 November: Project lab moved from Novobrisk to Chernoton Research Facility in Moscow. Move reason unknown.


1989 September: Nikolai Tinkonov, only Politburo member to have knowledge of Lucifer-Alpha, is forced into retirement. Project knowledge no longer available to the government.


1990 December: Newly Russian government becomes aware of the “Frankenstein Project Team” and initiates the shutdown of the project, containment/destruction of all research, release of kidnapped scientists, and legally prosecute all involved. The head of the team,


1991 June (early): An explosion under the Kremlin is detected by sensors in the Embassy in Moscow. Two days later, all members of the Embassy reported infection with a novel disease [Lucifer-Alpha]. The last report from the Embassy was received on 18 June.


1991 July: Most of Eurasia is infected with disease. Press calling the situation “The Catastrophe”. Death rates increasing. Approximately 90% of the population is infected. The death rate of infected is better than 75%. World air travel is suspended indefinitely. India and North Africa report high levels of infections.


1991 July (late): Most of the Eurasian continent is decimated. Direct death toll greater than 70%. Secondary deaths raise the total to nearly 84%. Cities empty. The infection continues to grow.


End of Timeline


Determination: Lucifer-Alpha was released in the explosion in Moscow. The disease is a man-made virus based on a heavily modified airborne variant of vaccine-resistant measles. It appears the virus was also combined with one or two prion diseases, most likely vCJD (Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BES)) or CWD (Chronic Wasting Disease). Major changes to the virus include:

  • Airborne lifetime of nearly 45 hours

  • Infection is rapid with frank symptoms appearing in eight to 12 hours

  • Prion transfer to the brain from the mucosal linings

    • Transference method is unknown

  • Frank prion symptoms within five days

  • Death in many cases (estimated greater than 78%) within one week



Video Game




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