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View from the Top: First Day

LibertyCon has started, and WOW!, what a start. So much has happened it's hard to even know where to start. Thursday night was the unofficial meet and greet, a happy time when we finally got to see people we haven't had a chance to see in over THREE YEARS! Many a friendship was rekindled and many a long-paused conversation was restarted.

Friday, our amazing Director of Registration Matt, started handing out the badges. The Dealer's Room, full of unique and awesome merchandise, opened up for our attendees to peruse and purchase. Sarah and Ann threw open the doors to the Art Show, where many talented artists are showing their pieces, including the beautiful painting our Artist Guest of Honor Melissa Gay painted for the convention. The programming staff, led by Rich, ensured the first panelists and presenters had everything they needed to start their panels.

At five PM, facing a standing-room-only crowd that overflowed into the Convention Center hall, Brandy Hendren welcomed everyone to our first live convention in three years. She introduced the Literary Guest of Honor Kevin J. Anderson and Taylor Anderson, Artist Guest of Honor Melissa Gay, STEM Guest of Honor Dr. Stephen Granade, Special Guest of Honor Christopher Woods, last year's Special Guest of Honor the irreplaceable "Doc" Osborn (who was represented by his wife Stephanie Osborn), and Master of Ceremonies Chris Kennedy. Then the MC and the CKP Choir serenaded the Con Chair with a riveting version of The Righteous Brothers You've Lost That Loving Feelin' to the delight of the crowd.

During all of this, Vonn and her friendly and hard-working hospitality staff worked to set up and start serving the wonderful fare they provide in the Con Suite, including a hot dog dinner and on-tap beer.

And that was just Friday...Imagine what's in store for the rest of the weekend.

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