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A Murder of Wolves

The Dog Soldier's War Book 1

Ka’Deryn Ko’Ryna Kallatock, Shaman of the Doompelt Walker Clan, is many things: spiritual advisor, Blessed of the Goddess Kari’Maro in Life Magic, warden of the Soo Kari’Ma Savanna.

An assassin, he is not.

When the Soo Kari’Ma chieftains summon him to their capital, Ka’Deryn is assigned a task for which he is woefully unprepared. Ka’Deryn’s mentor, Ka’Roklin, has been captured or killed. Worse, they have reason to believe soldiers from Charon Vai and Pelinon are responsible. Grand Chief Grollo assembles a pack of Kari’Ma, similarly Blessed, to infiltrate Charon Vai and find Ka’Roklin or proof of his demise, placing Ka’Deryn in charge.

Ka’Deryn is no soldier, no leader, and the pack he has been assigned has its… issues.

Can Ka’Deryn forge this band of Kari’Ma into a cohesive unit? Can he find his mentor and return him home safely? Or are they destined to die alone in a foreign land, unknown and forgotten?

What happens next will shape the future of Daemanon for generations to come.


Jamie Ibson
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