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LibertyCon 37 Guests of Honor

Charles Gannon Headshot.jpg

Charles E. Gannon

Literary Guest of Honor

Dr. Charles E. Gannon‘s best-selling books have won the Dragon Award, the ALA Choice Award (Outstanding Book), the Compton Crook Award, and have been nominated for four Nebulas. He is best known for the Caine Riordan series of hard SF novels, which have all been national best-sellers and include 4 finalists for the Nebula, 2 for the Dragon, and a Compton Crook winner.

Charles E. Gannon LGoH

Chaz Kemp

Artist Guest of Honor

Chaz loves SteamPunk, CyberPunk, and Fantasy. SteamPunk and CyberPunk are all about creatively defying authority and forging your own path. It’s resistance as art. Fantasy is all about visualizing your dream and then defying the odds to achieve it no matter who you are or what you look like.

Chaz Kemp Headshot.jpg
Chaz Kemp AGoH
Kim Steadman Headshot.jpg

Kim Steadman

STEM Guest of Honor

Kim Steadman is a Systems Engineer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.  Currently she is a Systems Engineer for the Perseverance Rover Engineering Operations team and the Technical Group Supervisor for the Integrated Planning and Sequencing for Surface Missions group. She has also worked on Opportunity, Curiosity, and Cassini.

Kim Steadman STEM GoH
Mike Massa Headshot.jpg

Mike Massa

Master of Ceremonies

Mike Massa has lived an adventurous life, including stints as a sailor, a banker, and a tech-head. He's lived outside the US for several years, beyond the usual military deployments. Mike writes novels and shorts in MilSF, SF, Fantasy, Horror, and non-fiction.

Mike Massa MC
Ben Yallow Headshot_edited.jpg

Ben Yalow

Special Guest of Honor

Ben Yalow’s very first convention he attended as a fan was Lunacon in 1971, followed later that year by his first Worldcon, Noreascon. Ben first started staffing conventions at the very first Star Trek convention in January 1972, followed by the Worldcon in 1973, Torcon 2. He has attended roughly nine hundred cons and staffed over three hundred. The Chengdu Worldcon in 2023 was the 52 anniversary of his first Worldcon, and he hasn’t missed any in between.

Ben Yalow SGoH
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