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Covid-19 & General Health Policy

The health and safety of LibertyCon attendees is our top priority. To ensure this, we are following all the guidelines of our venue, as well as local, state, and federal policies. If any of those policies change, our policy will change as well. We are highlighting the additional and temporary measures we are taking below.


We strongly encourage vaccination and masks. However, in accordance with Tennessee Title 14, we are prohibited from requiring proof of vaccination or a negative Covid test result for admittance, nor can mask usage be required at the convention.


Additional Measures

  • Registration: Pro badges will be available for pickup in the Con Operations room in the Convention Center. Appropriate department heads will have staff badges for pickup. To lessen crowding in the registration area, check-in has been extended to include time on Thursday, and social distancing markers are being used.

  • Art Show: Check-in and check-out hours for the Art Show include appointments for artists to ensure the time and space needed for set-up and tear down without crowding. Pens and any shared equipment will be sanitized.

  • Programming Spaces: Panels and other programming have been moved to larger spaces to promote social distancing. If you feel the need for additional social distancing, we encourage you to move a chair apart from others. Programming staff will regularly sanitize programming areas.

  • ConSuite: All food items are being handled and served in accordance with current FDA, TN Department of Health, and ServeSafe guidelines. Sneezeguards will be used over the food to minimize the chance of contamination.

  • Huckster Room: Traffic flow will be rerouted with a separate entrance and exit.  Spacing will be as wide as possible for both hucksters and attendees.  Social distancing markers will be placed in front of the autograph tables.

  • Gaming Room: Tables are spaced further apart, and the gaming surfaces will be sanitized at regular intervals.

Health and Harassment


The last and most important part of our Covid-19 and General Health Policy is respect for each individual no matter where they stand on this issue. LibertyCon will NOT tolerate harassment of anyone, whether it’s someone wearing a mask or someone who is not. Offenders will fall under our established Harassment Policy. This policy is found on our website (, in the Program Book, and posted throughout the convention. The entire point of LibertyCon is to bring a community together who loves science fiction and fantasy while promoting authors, artists, and other professionals in that community, all while making as much money for charity as possible. If you are not comfortable attending LibertyCon this year with the policy as stated above, we understand. Please email to request a roll-over of your membership.

If you have any questions, email

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