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Book 2 of 3: Combined Operations

In a colony world desperate for resources, a search for new reserves reveals a shadow war!

Lizzes Olsen is a newly minted petrogeologist researching the untapped potential of places on her planet even terraforming overlooked. Unfortunately, the site she's found is deep in enemy-occupied territory. The same enemy is funding the radical eco-terrorism that turned her university toxic, and training terrorists to kill the Empire's geophysicists and geologists. Between bombings at home and being hunted abroad, Lizzes' career, and her life, are in danger.

On the other hand, she has the unlikeliest of allies: a fairy god-Gunny Sergeant, and a very determined Imperial Recon soldier named Twitch who's out to make her his very own happily ever after. If it takes a hecatomb of her enemies to get her down the aisle, they're going to make it happen...


Dorothy Grant
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