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Broken Galaxy

Broken Galaxy Book One

Jim Carter is a PTSD-riddled former Marine with a secret: he has a broken-down, sentient starship hidden in his airplane hangar. He expected to get found out, of course. Eventually. But by a hot-as-blazes female test pilot? When love finds Jim at last, it hits him big-time. For a change, things are breaking his way.

But Jim and Bonnie’s new love affair gets complicated when the sentient starship decides to create a clone to help them: Rita - a beautiful woman with the knowledge, emotions and feelings of both Jim and Bonnie embedded in her brain, and madly in love with both of them.

Suddenly the three are confronted by the worst scenario possible: everybody wants the starship, including the Americans, the Russians, the Chinese, and the Ashkelon - alien slavers coming for Humanity.

Before Jim knows what’s happening, he is captured and tortured for the secrets of the starship, while Bonnie and Rita escape to Mars to decide what to do next. But one thing they do know – somehow, they have to fight off the Ashkelon, rescue Jim, and fly the starship to the nearest friendly star nation to seek help for Earth.

And the stakes if they fail? Not much - just the enslavement of our planet!


Phillip Huddleston
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