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LibertyCon Masquerade


  • The LibertyCon Masquerade (Masquerade) will be run according to the following guidelines.

  • All entrants, including all members of a group entry, must be members of the convention and will be required to show their badges in Room 5.

  • There will be live microphones for the contestants’ use. You are also allowed to speak from the stage without a microphone. See the Scripts and Audio Files section for providing a script or an audio file.

  • LibertyCon’s weapons policy will be strictly adhered to. Weapons that are a part of the costume may be displayed only on stage and only in a safe manner. All weapons must be approved by the Masquerade Director before use.

  • Due to hotel fire regulations, no fire, open flame, or flash paper/powder may be used. Electronic sealed flashes are permissible for use by the contestants.

  • LibertyCon is a family-friendly convention. No nudity is allowed.

  • No flash photography is permitted during the Masquerade competition! Not only does flash photography interfere with the enjoyment of the show, but it can also cause injury to a contestant whose vision or concentration is affected by a flash of light during their presentation. An opportunity for photographing the costumes will be available in the fan photo area.

  • Each contestant may appear only once in the competition.

  • Costumes presented as Exhibition Only will not be eligible for judging or awards.

  • Be on time for your call. If you have a reason for wanting to go on early or late, please inform us when you register, and we will try to accommodate you. Late arrival is grounds for disqualification.

  • Contestants in costume must remain in Room 5 until they go on stage. Any contact with the Presentation Judges prior to the masquerade while a contestant is in costume may be grounds for disqualification.

  • You must be able to enter and leave the stage without help in order to appear. We will have people available to steady you but not to lift or completely support you.

  • Groups of one to four contestants will be permitted a maximum 2 minutes on stage. Groups of five or more will be permitted a maximum of 3 minutes. Short is better than long. Let your costume speak for itself. If you have any questions about the length of your presentation, please discuss them with the Masquerade Director in advance.

  • Everyone appearing on stage must participate in a tech rehearsal. This gives you practice being on stage and lets the Masquerade Team rehearse lighting, pronouncing your name, and other technical details. You can sign up for a rehearsal time slot when you register online or at the con.

  • The Masquerade Director and backstage staff will have full authority to disqualify anyone from the competition on the basis of taste, danger to the audience or other contestants, or for any other reason deemed sufficient.


  • Contestants may register for the Masquerade online or in person. The online Masquerade Registration form will be open on or before midnight June 16, 2022. You may also register in person at the LibertyCon Registration.

Masquerade Registration Hours

Friday          1pm – 7pm

Saturday     10am – 2pm

  • Groups will be given a single entrant number. If you are a part of a group costume, only one member of the group needs to register for the entire group. We will, however, require the names and signatures of all members of the group. Remember, a group costume will be judged as a group.

  • If you have registered online, please schedule a rehearsal time at check-in with the Masquerade registration desk.


  • If you wish a special introduction, please have it typed, double spaced, or printed clearly, and turn it in when you register. Alternatively, you may record your introduction on a flash drive in MP3 format. Please turn it in at the time that you register. You can arrange to pick up your media after the Masquerade has concluded.


  • The Masquerade event starts at 5:00 pm Saturday.

  • Room 5 is open for contestants at 3:00 pm for Masquerade support. All entrants need to be checked in by 4:30 pm at the latest. Contestants in costume must remain in Room 5 until they go on stage.

  • Time permitting, workmanship judges may be available to provide kind, valuable feedback and suggestions for making your next costume even better.


  • We will assemble contestants in small groups in room 5 and bring them on stage from there. You will remain in Room 5 until your group is gathered.

  • The Young Fans will appear first. There will be age-appropriate participation awards available for all minor participants.

  • If necessary, the staff reserves the right to change the order of appearance of any contestant.

  • Contestants will go off stage to the fan photo area. You will make the photographers very happy if you stay late enough for them to get pictures of you in your costume.

  • After the photo area, contestants may use the reserved seating or return to Room 5. This should minimize waiting time and maximize the number of people able to see the costumes.

  • The Masquerade will be recorded.

  • Once all entries have been presented, the judges will withdraw. There will be entertainment and other presentations while the judges are deliberating.

  • Winners will be announced after the intermission/judging break.

  • Prizes will be awarded in the following costume categories:

    • Best of Show ($100 prize)

    • Best Young Fan ($25)

    • Best Recreation ($25)

    • Best Original ($25)

    • Most Humorous ($25)

    • Judge’s Choice ($25)

  • All competition entries are eligible for the Best in Show award.

  • Award certificates with the winners’ names will be available after judging on Saturday.


  • Original: Costumes that are original in design with the maker.

  • Re-Creation: A costume copied directly or with minor modifications from a live-action or animated motion picture, a television production, a stage presentation, a comic book or strip, or a book cover. In short, from any source other than an original design, in which one or more views of the particular costume are shown, and the designer is not the maker.

Please email with any questions.

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