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Children of the Fall

The Fallen World Book 19

Kelly Ansen—“Princess” to her friends—brokered an agreement to resolve the growing strife between factions competing for control of her beloved Eureka Bubble.

Before her plan could be implemented, though, her estranged father, Ansen Pringle, kidnapped her sisters, Chelsea and Nicole, to force Princess to join him on a trip to Hawaii. The voyage across the wild oceans is long, with little hope of making it there safely… and even less of returning. Kelly has no choice, though. To save her sisters, she must go.

Kelly’s friends and allies will stop at nothing to rescue her, especially her brother Scott and her boyfriend Morgan Campbell. While Morgan completes his mission at home, Scott goes to bring her back. Ansen Pringle and other dangers in this Fallen World must be reckoned with, but the question remains… are they ready for an angry Scott?


J. P. Chandler
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