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Dawn of the Lightbringer

Eldros Legacy Series

Can the warriors of Drakanon stop the unrelenting horde of Daemons?

The High King called on the seventeen kingdoms of Drakanon to lend their aid as hideous creatures wipe out all life in their path. Only Thirteen responded.

When the first troops sent by Drounid are slaughtered, it falls to Ora, Commander of the Second Cohort of the Legion, to answer the High King’s call at his prince’s behest.

Ora must get his troops to the meeting… only, the forces of darkness array against him. Armed with a mystical sword and accompanied by ferocious members of the King’s Guard, Ora sets out to rid the world of the Daemon invasion.

Dawn of the Lightbringer is a short story of approximately 10,000 words set in the Eldros Legacy universe.


Mark Stallings
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