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Demon Bayou

Waves of Darkness series, Book 2

Viktor Brandewyne’s search for the second Sister of Power leads him to the bayou country near colonial New Orleans. Along the way, he has his first encounter with vampires not made by him, as well as running afoul of smugglers. The black waters of the bayous hold their own danger as well. An ancient demon guards the way to the Sister. Worse, the siren Belladonna begins to die in the swamps. Should Viktor return the siren to the sea or continue on to the Sister? Without magic from all the Sisters, he won’t be able to break the curse that has made him a vampire before it destroys him. Without Belladonna, he cannot find the Sisters.

Demon Bayou is the second book in the Waves of Darkness series and first saw publication in 2012 as an ebook and 2013 in Print-on-demand. It placed 8th in the Horror Novel category for that year’s P&E poll. It was revised and re-released late May 2022. An audio book version will be made available at a future date TBA.


Tamara Lowery
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