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Echo of the High Kings

Book 1 of 4: The Eoriel Saga

Cities burn, barbarians and mercenaries plunder the land, chaos and destruction threaten to destroy the last vestiges of peace.

Eoriel is a land torn asunder by war for a thousand cycles since High King Haden's son took his father's life and shattered the bonds of civilization. Into this fallen world, a handful of heroes and leaders must rise, else all that remains will fall into a final, terrible darkness.

Katarina Emberhill, the daughter of a murdered Duke. Aerion the last son of a slaughtered people. Amelia Tarken who loses her body, mind, and perhaps even her soul to a dark ritual. Prince Simonel Greeneye, the leader to a people whose past is so stained that they have hidden themselves away in exile.

These handful and those allies they can muster will stand against enemies uncounted. Forces work against them from all sides, powerful beings that seek to drag down the last bastions of civilization and throw Eoriel into an era of savagery and bloodshed.

The powers that be will send forth demons, monsters, hordes of barbarian raiders, and ruthless assassins to kill anyone and everyone who stands in their way.

Those that value good and light will need to stand against the darkness... in an echo of the High Kings.


Kal Spriggs
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