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Monster Punk Horizon (Book One)


Pix and Jaz are two girls who just want to hunt monsters, craft armor, and pay off their college loans—but when a colossal new monster falls through the portals in the Dazzling Skies, it’ll take all their skills to survive it.

Their skill levels? Slightly above noob.

Fortunately, they have their oversized swords, a lot of sass … and one giant monster friend who might help them out.

For a price …


About the Series: Monster Punk Horizon is an exciting new fantasy comedy for fans of the Monster Hunter games and kick-butt ladies fighting monsters for fun and profit! GameLit readers will enjoy the focus on action over stats. Check it out if you like:

★ Monster Hunting Action

★ Hunting Monsters Specifically So You Can Turn Their Skin Into Neat Hats and Stuff

★ Ridiculous Comedy Adventures

★ Even More Ridiculous Weapons

★ Kick-Butt Female Leads

★ Unnecessarily Lavish Descriptions of Food

★ More-Adventure-Than-Stats-‘Cause-H.P.'s-Math-Brain-Can’t-Keep-Up-With-Stats

★ Cats


H.P. Holo
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