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Myrmidons, Inc.: Urbicide

Myrmidons, Inc Book 1

In the 27th century, war is the continuation of business by other means.

MegaCorporations are scattered across dozens of colonized systems. They hire disposable contractors for whatever needs to be done. Paragon Savage Genetics is one such MegaCorporation. They are the undisputed masters of gene-splicing who are now cloning animal-hybrid ‘genie’ sicarios for rent or sale.

Selina ‘Ocelot’ Linares is their latest product.

La Republica del Escobar’s government is Paragon Savage’s biggest client. As the corrupt regime careens closer and closer to a civil war, Ocelot and her fellow genies are contracted to work for Presidente Vasquez.

When the situation grows too hot, though, rival MegaCorp Apex Energy hires Myrmidons, Inc. to extract their VIPs and demolish the facility. And if the Myrmidons can hit Paragon Savage on the side and extract a little paydata, well, that’s just business…

…and business is good.


Jamie Ibson
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