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In the future, everyone has OnBoard. With Onboard, you’re never alone. Someone is always watching your feed. Everyone has it…

Except Victor Yasserian.

Orbital 3- A young woman is brutally murdered. Hundreds of her followers are watching her via the brain implanted OnBoard social media software. However, no one sees anything on her feed to indicate how her killer did it.

Victor Yasserian is a seasoned homicide detective working for the Orbital Mining Operations. Based on Mars, his assignments often take him to the Orbital Mining Colonies stationed throughout the asteroid belt. While on his way back from a case on Orbital Mining 3, he’s caught in a dust storm, figuratively and literally. A mysterious woman in red accuses him of arresting the wrong suspect on his last case and before he can deal with it, she runs away, blowing up Mars’ Grand Central Station in the process and making it look like Yasserian did it.

Which leaves Victor with only one choice. Go back to Orbital 3, clear his name, find out who the Lady in Red is, and avoid getting arrested or, worse, killed by a mysterious figures known as The Shadow Man.

In a universe where everyone is linked together for fun and games, it takes a man disconnected from the rest armed only with his extremely intelligent high-tech fedora to uncover mystery and solve murder amongst the stars.

OUTBOUND-First in a new series of science fiction cyberpunk novels from author ML McIntosh and Pro Se Productions.


ML McIntosh
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