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Planetary Anthology Series: Venus

Book 5 of 11: Planetary Anthology Series

Oh Venus. Doesn’t that just roll off the lips like a lovers kiss?

What image does it draw to your mind? A great planetary body of deadly gases neighboring Earth, existing as its own world, mysterious and alluring? Or an image of a more fantastical nature such as the jungles described by Edgar Rice Burroughs? Or do you think perhaps, of a goddess who holds power and beauty beyond measure, whose name, throughout the ages, has been synonymous with love? Perhaps you imagine something in-between, with adventure and romance.

Love, of any kind, has the power to bring the magic of Gods into the events of men. Within these covers you will find tales of wonder, some of space, some of the heart, some that follow in the footsteps of the goddess herself.

Read and be enchanted!


Julie Frost
A.M. Freeman
J.D. Beckwith
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