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Prince Peacemaker

The Prince of Britannia Saga Book 4 of 8

The empire defeated the Swarm at the Battle of Iris, but it came at a great cost. To win, Hazard King needed to reveal he was Crown Prince Henry and take command of the Imperial Fleet as War Leader. Now their enemy is suing for peace, something many in the empire don’t want to give. There are even officers in his own fleet that wish to restart the war and eradicate the Swarm. Hazard and his mother, Empress Elizabeth, face not only issues in the Isis System but across the empire. A rebellious system government decides the time is right to secede from the realm and takes hostages to ensure their success. As if things aren’t bad enough, their old foe, the Marxist Federation, loses control of a biological weapon that threatens the planet Lenin and the Empire of Britannia. Hazard won the war, but winning the peace will be even more complicated. To do that, he’ll need to become… Prince Peacemaker.

Hazard survived the war… but can he survive the peace?


Fred Hughes
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