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Scorpions of the Deep

Demonstrating once again her gift for making magic real in our modern world, Amie Gibbons brings us the chilling horror of demons walking the earth in this pulse-pounding, paranormal thriller.

Sarah Blakely is in survival mode after her breakup pulled her life out from under her and sent her scrambling back home, depressed and broken after college. She is determined to build a new life and find a new direction. But it's hard after losing the man she’d planned on marrying. And the refuge of her childhood home, where she should be able to heal in peace, is being disturbed by one weird occurrence after another.

Sarah is not religious, but she is about to find out there are more things in Hell and Earth than are dreamt of in her philosophy.

Backed by her brave, loyal, and god-fearing friend Beau, she must accept the impossible, face her fears and find her strength again, before one of those dark things she does not believe in uses her broken soul against her.


Amie Gibbons
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