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Security Threats

Neustatter’s European Security Services encounters a campaign of industrial sabotage, a pastor who attempts to limit their client base, an espionage ring, and the aftermath of the Dreeson assassination. Old nemeses and new allies complicate matters.

Somewhere in Grantville is a missing heiress. There’s also a Resistance, and it has cookies. Even repeat business with established clients is complicated, not to mention dangerous. Real life proves more complicated than Neustatter’s movies or Astrid’s books as NESS looks for common threads. Which incidents are related and which are not?

For Astrid Schäubin, solving cases, directing operations, and even portraying a saint are one thing, but figuring out dating in the midst of everything that’s happening is quite another.

Security Threats is the third book in the NESS series, after A Matter of Security and Missions of Security.


Bjorn Hasseler
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