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Sha'Daa: Toys

Sha'Daa: Tales of the Apocalypse Volume 6

Created by Michael H. Hanson

Edited by Edward F. McKeown

The mother of all apocalypses, The Sha’Daa, is back! The mysterious Johnny the Salesman is up to his usual eldritch tricks and his latest ally, the immortal toy seller Willy Carroll, just might have the answer to saving planet Earth from destruction if he can sell enough supernatural toys at Whirligigs toy store in Chicago to turn the tide against evil. Twenty-six authors of the macabre offer up twenty-two gruesome tales of supernatural toys in this delightful shared-world adventure.

The Doomsday Clock for the End Times is Ticking and reaching out to Dark Magic Portals of Infinity. The call is out for Demon Slayers Fighting Evil. Sha'Daa is the Apocalypse Survival Kit for Earth's Armies of the Night as Portals to Hell and Gateways to Abomination begin to open across forty-eight hours. Monster Hunters stand ready at every Doorway to Danger.


William Joseph Roberts
Chris Smith
Terry Maggert
Rich Groller
Jason Cordova
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