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Sunrise Over Shippo

Book 1 of 1: The Asur Trilogy

How did it all go so bad?

All Kailey Jackson ever wanted to do was study the lost civilization of the Asur in peace. When she proposed an archaeological investigation into the ruins on Shippo, home of the fox-like Kitsoonay who raised her, she had no idea the infamous Badar Syndicate was funding the dig, or that they would use it as a cover to invade her world.

Now, Shippo is under attack, and Kailey and her Kitsoonay sister, Jinx, barely escaped the Syndicate with the help of the Lancers mercenary unit. The Lancers are going to take the planet back for them, but they can’t go in blind. Kailey, feeling responsible for the attack, volunteers to lead the scout mission back to Shippo.

The Syndicate is expecting her return, after all, one way or another. So what if it puts her life in danger? So what if she isn’t a fighter? Kailey is willing to do whatever it takes to fix what she has broken, even if it means putting herself back in the hands of the very organization killing her people.

Because sometimes… sometimes you have to fight to protect what you love.


Melissa Olthoff
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