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The Backbone of Surprise

Book 1 of 1: The Transhuman War

What do you do when the criminals are faster than the police?

Artificial enhancement of humans is illegal, especially since it makes the criminals smarter, faster, and more capable than those who enforce the laws.

Digger Stewart is a Ranger, a member of the law enforcement organization tasked with policing the transhuman trade. Raised on a backwater planet, Digger’s thirst for adventure sends him to the stars. When a mission goes wrong, though, he finds out about CARD—the Combat Applications Research & Development group—the Rangers’ secret, elite commando unit that gets called to save the Rangers when all hope is lost, and Digger gives up everything to join it.

On a normal day, the Rangers don’t have any problems taking down Biofate, the powerful interplanetary criminal organization that deals in transhuman affairs, and they can easily shut down Biofate’s illegal labs when they’re found.

But when Biofate decides they are tired of the Rangers’ meddling and builds combat mechs, Digger finds himself at the center of a growing political, cultural, and military war… a war the Rangers may not be equipped to win.


C.S. Ferguson
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