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The Beast of Bracken Hall

Histories are only as trustworthy as those who write them.

Witches and fae make for rich ghost stories and poor histories. Magic isn’t real. The Beast of Bracken

Hall was nothing more than a rabid wolf. All the town records say the same, but that doesn’t stop the villagers of Harrow from crossing themselves when the wind blows down from the fen.

Caleb Blackhurst had no intentions to sneak into the forest on the eve of Haexenfest. It’s forbidden to go within two hundred paces of the Tomb of the Beast, but he’ll be damned if he lets Thomas and Selene leave him behind. Some dares can’t be ignored—and some girls are worth taking risks for.

As the hundred year anniversary of the Beast’s death dawns, a vicious murder strikes the village of Harrow, and Caleb’s companions are nowhere to be found. Harrow explodes with accusations of witchcraft. Under the creeping threats of a hundred-year-old curse, Caleb must uncover the truth about the Beast before it reigns terror on the island for another hundred years.


H.Y. Gregor
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