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The Book of Night

Welcome to the world of shadows, cloaked in perpetual starlight; its denizens are a mysterious and frightening breed. And sometimes, just sometimes, their eldritch whispers and murmurs can cross the boundaries of reality and enter our darkest dreams.

Richard Groller and his troupe of dead and living poets pull back the veil in The Book of Night, revealing the terrifying denizens of the shadows. Eerie and hypnotic artwork by some of today’s most chilling artists illuminates the vivid imaginings of the poets.

If you dare, open this tome of Macabre Eerie Tales of the Supernatural, this King of Rhyming Horror Books for Adults, filled with Dark Tales of the Darkest Depth of Your Soul, Nightmare Scenarios Hiding in The Dark, Hidden Fates, Halloween Treats, and Midnight Poetry. This is the Poetry Slam of Chilling Creatures of Passage, and the Ultimate in Frightening Fortunes Spoken Word Poetry. Welcome to Dark Poetry from the Creepypasta Masters of Horror.

Apparitions—things seen and unseen at the edge of our vision, or embedded in the corners of our nightmares.

Sweet Sorrow—the pain and poignancy of loss, love unrequited, visions from afar, the pangs of memory, or the last breaths of mortals.

The Autumn People—denizens of the night welcome the Fall and its All Hallows promises.

Through A Glass Darkly—peer through the gloom seeking the moment of revelation, and all becomes clear—or not.

Come, the Night awaits...


Rich Groller
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