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The Curse Breaker

Eris’s sister is missing and nobody, not even their parents, can remember her, and so magic is definitely to blame! Eris knows only magic can bring her back, but even as a Light magic-born, is she strong enough to find — and save — her sister?

In the capitol city, Prince Knox is cursed to spend his days as a corpse and his nights trying to find the prophesized girl who can break the curse. If he can’t find her by his 20th birthday, he’ll stay dead forever.

Eris and Knox will discover there are scarier things in their path than curses and half-truths. If the Queen of the Underworld has her way, everything and everyone will die. The only thing standing in her way is the curse breaker, and Eris will have to choose between saving herself or everyone she loves.


April Kelley Jones
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