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The Dwarves of Rahm: Omens of War

Book 1 of 1: The Dwarves of Rahm

War, the only constant in the everchanging landscape of Rahm…

For millennia, the dwarves of the southlands have battled against their ancient foes, the sallowskins, who occupy the nation of Garthon-Tor to the north.

When a massive horde of goblins and orcs invade, the irascible bard, Omens prepares to flee The Golden Keep, content to let others do the fighting. Through a cruel twist of fate, he is forced to accompany Princess Merin in a diplomatic mission to summon aid. The contentious pair soon find themselves being tracked by a legion of sallowskin warriors, led by an orc assassin whose mission is to hunt down Merin, no matter the cost.

Racing for their lives, the pair happen upon the Gray Company, a group of surly Engineers known for their irregular tactics and questionable reputation. Striking a hasty alliance with the captain of the Gray Company, the group soon falls in with Gavakyn, the finest dwarven warrior in a generation. At his side walks Karn, the most hated goblin shaman in the northlands. Exiled by his kin, Karn carries a secret that will alter the fate of both the dwarves and sallowskins forever.

From the world of the Raven and the Crow, discover the adventure that awaits in, The Dwarves on Rahm: Omens of War.

***Winner of the 2023 Imadjinn awards for Best Steampunk novel***

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Michael K. Falciani
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