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The Girl Who Wasn't There (Moon 2095 Book 1)

The moon is a harsh neighborhood. But for 16 year old twins Paul and Jael Wardhey, it's not just dangerous -- it's getting downright haunted.

Life is hard enough when just going outside can kill you. It's even harder on Paul and Jael: no one cuts the sheriff's kids any slack, and everyone knows them. But if everyone knows them, why are they suddenly seeing strangers on a Moon colony, where no one enters without permission?

When strange men -- and a mysterious, frightened girl named Cynthia -- begin appearing and disappearing, they find it hard enough to believe it themselves, let alone to convince anyone else.

It's up to Paul and Jael to save Cynthia from whatever is chasing her.

But is Cynthia truly the victim she appears to be? Or is she a danger beyond their imagination?


G. Scott Huggins
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