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The Healer

Heroes of Time Legends series

A butterfly's wing is healed, and destiny unfolds. Follow the healer's path as he walks between Shadow and Light.

Fulgar Geth's life has been one of grief and hardship. With his strange abilities to heal and wield forces of magnetism, he is often shunned and misunderstood. Unable to catch a break by following society's rules, he and his lifelong friend Binny take to a life of vagabond thievery, hoping to scrape by until better days. Their dream: to follow the clues around an ancient talisman to a place of power, a power they believe will grant them a destiny free from the rule and control of others.

But circumstances take a turn for the worse, sending Fulgar into a tailspin of depression and regret that nearly costs him his health, his faith, and the woman he loves - a bright, spirited fugitive named Jinx, who has lost the memories of her past.

Meanwhile, a dangerous Shadow Mage pursues him, intent on harvesting Fulgar's powers. A mysterious order of protectors steps in to help guide Fulgar's path and fight the persistent presence of dark forces. With everyone's interests revolving around his powers, Fulgar must decide whom he can trust and what it truly means to have faith.

Join Fulgar and his comrades in a story of friendship, adventure, action, magic, and personal discovery in this prequel installment of the "Heroes of Time" series!


Wayne Kramer
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