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The Lost Colony Ship

Book 1 of 13: Aeon 14: The Orion War

Major Tanis Richards didn't start this war, but she's sure going to finish it.

The greatest colony ship ever built has been Tanis's home for over a hundred years.

Now she's been ripped from it, captured and tortured by pirates eager to learn the vessel's location. What they don't know—but are soon to find out—is that Tanis hails from humanity’s golden age. She has both the ability and the will to take out anyone that stands between her and reunion with her people.

Freed by an unlikely group of smugglers, Tanis joins forces with Sabrina’s crew, traveling to Bollam’s World where she last saw her colony ship.

Her mission leads the crew across hundreds of lightyears of space, from bar-room brawls to facing the most powerful fleets in known space in a showdown between lost ancient technology and modern might.

What she doesn't know, is that her actions are about light a fire that will spread across all human space.

If you love the small-crew dynamics of Firefly, the gritty realism of Battlestar Galactica, combined with the far future, galactic playground world of Star Wars, then The Lost Colony Ship, and the Orion War series is made for you.

Formerly Published as Destiny Lost


Malorie (M. D.) Cooper
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