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The Merlin Club

Magical Assassins Target the Heir to the British Throne

Can England’s Wizards Stop them in Time?

England, 1679. Magically Gifted former soldier Simon Grayson learns Dutch Gifted are plotting against James, Duke of York, brother and heir to King Charles II. Simon takes his concerns to Richard Mainwaring, Lord Hawkstowe, who is also Gifted and a friend of the king. They resolve to defend the duke despite the ancient compact that bars Europe’s Gifted from using their magic against each other for national gain. When fighting magic, Simon and Richard believe, one must use magic or lose.

Unfortunately, unGifted, including the king and his family, cannot know about magic. Richard assembles a small cadre of loyal wizards as a guard and persuades the king and the duke to let their group take the lead in protecting the duke and his duchess. With Lady Verity Conisbrough, a Gifted lady in waiting to the Duchess of York, the magical allies close ranks around the royal family. Yet they must keep their efforts secret from the mages governing Conclave. Can they unmask the plotters before a royal murder throws England into turmoil?


Nancy Northcott
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