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The Nemesis Crystals

Book One of the Blade Files

The year is 2035, and seven storage crystals containing the only copy of a world-changing computer program that will affect the lives of every man, woman, and child on the planet, have been stolen from a research facility outside Atlanta, Georgia. Solo operative and “trouble-shooter” Blade is called in to find and return them to their owner, but what should be a simple recovery operation turns unexpectedly violent when three of the world’s most powerful corporations decide to make a grab for the crystals as well – and use as much deadly force as necessary to acquire them. Blade, along with his competitor and sometime ally Spazz, the tech genius Radome, street soldiers Compton and Houston, and Scarlett, an enigmatic redhead who can’t remember anything of her past, not even her name, dodge and weave through gunfire, bombs, double- and triple-crosses as they race after the crystals, only to discover that their contents are even more deadly than they were told – or anyone else ever imagined. The first book of The Blade Files, The Nemesis Crystals is an edge-of-your-seat cyberpunk thriller that will hold a reader in suspense until the very last page.


Tabitha S. Bragg
Daniel Allen Butler
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