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Waking The Water Horse

Reeling from the sudden death of her husky, medical student Sadie reluctantly agrees to go out to dinner with her friends. Taking a dare to go down Billy Goat Strut, an alley with its own ghosts and demons, Sadie hears a monstrous voice in her mind and runs at the sight of hungry red eyes in the dark.

This encounter with the supernatural leads Sadie down a dark path where she encounters insane selkies, a goat man eating from her refrigerator, and most dangerously, Finnagin. While appearing as an extremely attractive human male, this stranger is in reality an enchanted each uisge, a demonic water horse magically bound to River City. Building an army of fae creatures, Finnagin is intent on escaping his bondage, by drowning the very city he is trapped in.

But plotting mass destruction makes a monster hungry. And a young medical student named Sadie appears to be an attractive snack, at the very least.

But Finnagin has no idea who…or what Sadie actually is. And neither does Sadie.

WAKING THE WATER HORSE, a supernatural thriller mixed with just enough horror and romance to chill a heart. First in a new series by ML McIntosh. From Pro Se Productions.


ML McIntosh
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