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We Dare: Old Age and Treachery

We Dare series Book 5

Fifteen outstanding authors. Fifteen stories about people who have been there before!

Never underestimate an old man in a business where men die young.

War is a young man’s game, and one where failure usually leads to your death. There’s a reason some people survive when others don’t—they’re faster, stronger, smarter, and usually luckier than everybody else—and you antagonize them at your own peril!

From knowing how to judge the intelligence data to understanding how to play “the long game,” or just having the experience from past operations to be able to tell when things are about to go wrong, these old men and women know what they’re doing… and woe betide the new recruits who don’t listen. Be careful, because that old timer sitting next to you—the one who doesn’t say much—may have a skill or maybe even a robot that’s going to kick your butt!

For, as the old-timers know, an ounce of experience is worth a pound of youthful exuberance!


David Shadoin
Melissa Olthoff
Jonathan Brazee
Mark Stallings
Kevin Steverson
Casey Moores
Jamie Ibson
Jason Cordova
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