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Winged Hussars: Andromeda

Book 9 of 11: The Phoenix Initiative

The Winged Hussars, the only one of the Four Horsemen mercenary organizations to specialize in space warfare, have succeeded in what is arguably the most difficult branch of the profession.

Alexis Cromwell is now the longest-serving commander in Hussars’ history, and her long-term romance with Nigel Shirazi, commander of Asbaran Solutions, has finally resulted in a complicated marriage and two equally complicated children.

The Phoenix Initiative, started by Nigel and supported by Jim Cartwright as Minister of War, has resulted in hundreds of new Human mercenary companies, and with the Hussars growing by leaps and bounds, Alexis has begun taking contracts again to compete with them.

But during a simple mission, things quickly go sideways when the Hussars find out that they’re being hunted in turn. And when her young children become involved, her opponents have gone too far. Alexis has never been one to take a challenge personally, but this time that’s what it is—personal.

And in tracking down her children, she’ll find an answer to a mystery that’s been eluding the Horsemen for decades.


Mark Wandrey
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