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Brisco Woods




Brisco Woods was born and raised in the Appalachian region of East Tennessee. His first pair of boots were issued to him by the USAF when he showed up to basic training in homespun pants and bare feet. The Air Force, in all its wisdom, thought he would be a great candidate to work on nuclear ICBM’s, so he was sent to the cornfields of Illinois to learn what an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile was.  After some intense training and discovering what real winter was, he thought, off he went on his first over seas assignment, to North Dakota.

Through his career of 23 years in the US Air Force, he went on to work on avionics equipment on several different air frames and then spent his last 4 years in Command and Control.  He eventually got tired of going into work on the ground floor and taking an elevator down to the concrete cave that was his work life, and retired.  

After having to write a separate resume for every job he was applying for, he decided “to hell with this” and became a Realtor working for himself.

Upon seeing how successful his little brother and sister were as authors, he caved in to his brothers constant jabbering about writing and made a story in the Fallen World universe that this same brother had created.

Since the first story was received well, he has branched out to some SciFi and done a few of stories in Kevin Steverson’s Salvage Universe in Through The Gate, The Long And Short Of It, and It Takes More Kinds. He squeezed in another short story in an anthology called Starflight, honoring an eighties computer game by the same name, and also completed a novel from the original Fallen World tale, another short story in Among The Embers, and a novel from the character introduced there. He has an immediate follow up to that novel and two in the Salvage Title universe in the work with more to come.

Name of Event
5:00 PM
CC - Ballroom E
Opening Ceremonies
9:00 PM
CC - Ballroom E
Chris Kennedy Publishing - the Year Ahead
12:00 PM
CC - Ballroom E
Salvage Title Universe Roundtable
4:00 PM
M - Plaza Ballroom A/B
This Fallen World

Among the Embers

Book 16 of 16: The Fallen World


Starflight: Tales from the Starport Lounge

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