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H.Y. Gregor



H.Y. Gregor was born in Portland, Oregon, but will always call the mountains of Colorado home. She holds a bachelor's degree in political science but put it down often enough to narrowly avoid law school. Now she spends as much free time as possible weaving fantasy tales and battling plot gremlins.

Her short fiction has earned Silver Honorable Mention awards from the Writers of the Future contest and been published in a number of anthologies. These include contributions to Chris Kennedy Publishing's 4HU, William Alan Webb's Last Brigade, and a multi-genre spread of stories with Knight Writing Press, CKP, and Three Ravens Publishing. Her debut epic fantasy, Stonewhisper, was published by Eldros Legacy Press in June 2023. Upcoming projects include a spinoff trilogy in Jon Osborne's Milesian Accords world. Keep an eye out for the Black God trilogy, coming soon!

When not writing, H.Y. can often be found at writer’s conferences, conventions, and retreats, sporting an overstuffed messenger bag and too many pens (just don’t ask to borrow one). You can follow her on Facebook or Instagram (@toviahy) or check out her website 


Thirteen Stories of Horror

Book 1 of 1: Thirteen Stories of Horror


United We Stand

Book 4 of 4: Black Tide Rising Anthologies

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