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Julie Cochrane



Julie Cochrane was born in Ohio and begin crafting her first stories when she was five years old. She made her first attempts at novels in Social Studies and English classes.  Cally's War with John Ringo was the first manuscript she ever finished. Sister Time and Honor of the Clan soon followed, also with John, for Baen Books. She has a degree in psychology from Georgia Tech, where she also studied chemistry. Hobbies include database programming, martial arts, Irish language and music, and fantasy role-playing games. She has one grown daughter and lives in Atlanta, Georgia.


Honor of the Clan

Legacy of the Aldenata Book 10


Sister Time

Book 9 of 12: Legacy of the Aldenata (The Posleen War)


Cally's War

Book 6 of 12: Legacy of the Aldenata (Posleen War Series #5)

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