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Alien RPG: What Lurks Beyond the Shadows

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5:00 PM




M - Tennessee River (Gaming Room)

Robert Evans will Gamemaster the Alien RPG: What Lurks Beyond The Shadows

Characters and Dice provided
6 Players
Mature (Violence & Gore)
What Lurks Beyond The Shadows

A survey ship picked up a strange ping on a remote mining planet, under the surface. You are part of the survey crew that has been sent to figure out what the bizarre reading from orbit could be. Weyland-Yutani has high hopes that it's a new type of element which they can potentially use for research to find a fuel alternative to Helium-3. Once on the surface, you find the only way to the source is through the caves. Deeper into the cave system you venture, not knowing what awaits, but something primal inside you is telling that you are being watched.

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