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TTRPG: Deadlands Reloaded/SWADE - “Doomsday Recon”

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6:00 PM




M - Tennessee River (Gaming Room)

Robert Brumbelow will run a game of Deadlands set in WarGate Books Doomsday Recon world by Ryan Williamson.

TTRPG: Deadlands Reloaded/SWADE

Storyline: Prequel events of the book “Doomsday Recon”. Players board a Portuguese Caravel on the way to the New World.

Number of characters: 4-6

Pre-made character sheets: Yes. Novice and Seasoned background information will also be provided. Players can choose from 16 different characters.

Number of hours: 4

No prior experience with Savage Worlds/Deadlands needed.

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