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Art Show

Liberty Station by Melissa Gay
Liberty Station - Melissa Gay

Melissa Gay, our Artist Guest of Honor, and many other artists will be setting a visual wonderland in the LibertyCon Art Show. Please be sure to drop in, set a spell, and enjoy a visual feast. See the list below for those who will be showing their work off. See something you like and want to take it home? Many of these works will be available for purchase as either original works of art or prints.

Showing Artists

Melissa Gay -

Abranda Flaminio -

Amy Brewer-Davenport -

Anita Moore -

Annastasia Webster

April Robinson -

Arden Nixon

Betsy Mott

Brenna Deutchman -

Bryan Jones

Christine Dorsett

Danny Parsons

David Pancake -

Dawn Grimes -

Elayna Cook -

Everette Beach

Kendra Irwin

Kevin Dyer -

Leia Powell -

Madolyn Locke -

Maggie Schill

Mele Brueck -

Mike Kucharski -

Peri Charlifu –

Rachel Rieckenberg -

Sara Glassman -

Sarah Clemens -

Theresa Mather -

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