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“Light My Fire” – Glass Selection and Patterning (Part 1)

Hours so far: 25

You can see the glass thought process in the digital mock-up, but that's completely different than actually handling the glass. The glass selection phase is not only about color, but about light, texture, and grain.

Collection of various pieces of stained glass (yellow/green, green, wood tone, blue ripple)

It's also about digging through 26 years of glass hoarding to find hidden gems like this black glass I plan to use for Brandy's cloak to set it apart from the dark black of the cave interior.

Stained glass pieces (black, blue, red, and white)

I also had to make sure the crown was made up of the signature flag colors of LibertyCon.

Stained glass with brown and gray striations

The stalactites needed to be variations of brown and gray, so I had to make sure the smoke coming out of the dragon's nose was different enough to continue to convey that he'd just lit the torch.

Here's the part that most people do not realize exists in this medium - light theory. This window needs to look good in the dark AND the light.

Allow me to explain…

You'd think this would make BOSS fire coming off that torch,

but when you hold it up to the light…

Stained glass with red and orange striations

It's just… red. Boo…

Off to digging again…

Stained glass pieces (Yellow and orange striated)

You'd think this would be the moment, but you'd be wrong. See, I am picky. This is a lit torch. That torch is solid, so the fire with the wood/cloth behind it means when the light comes through that fire, it needs to look like there's something solid behind it, whereas the flames can be more transparent and vibrant.

Stained glass piece (brown and orange striation)

Do you think I'm overthinking this? Guess what? That's a good trait here. Every part of this fire I will check it without backlighting…

Stained glass piece backlit (brown and orange stration)

And with backlighting… this fire needs to appear a bit different than the other pieces, but it still needs to have …

Fire… :-)

Stay tuned for the second portion of Glass Selection and Patterning!

Stay Glassy!

Leia Powell

Artist Guest of Honor LibertyCon 36

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