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“Light My Fire” – Production Has Begun

The window I'm making for LibertyCon 2024 is on the table. I need to finish it early-ish due to it being on the program book cover, the t-shirts, and whatever else Brandy wants to put it on.

Original Design time: 15 hours

Next Phase: Cutting Pattern Creation

First, I blow up my original drawing to the size of 18x26.

"Light My Fire" pattern printed out

I then trace it on grid graph paper in pencil, making adjustments as I go to accommodate the whims of my glassy brain.

"Light My Fire" pattern transferred to graph paper

I then trace it with a black Sharpie, so I can see my lines through the glass.

Leia Powell using a Sharpie to darken the lines on "Light My Fire" pattern

(Yeah, that's whiteout tape... I booboo too)

"Light My Fire" pattern darkened with Sharpie pen

Then I compare my digital mockup and code my pieces to what color they'll be. This window had 18 different textures and colors of glass.

"Light My Fire" pattern glass color legend

Then... I number it :)

"Light My Fire" pattern printed numbered

"Light My Fire" currently comes in at 267 individual pieces!

Stay tuned for the next portion of “Light My Fire”

Stay Glassy!

Leia Powell

Artist Guest of Honor LibertyCon 36

Next post in series: Glass Selection and Patterning (Part 1)

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