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“Light My Fire” – Glass Selection and Patterning (Part 2)

Hours so far: 25

Next, I had to select the glass for the flame away from the torch. This is when you google a lit torch and look at the colors. Why? Because you need to know how fire do.

Fire burns white/yellow close to the combustible material, then gradients to orange and then red. Now we know how fire do :)

Google images reference pictures of lit torches
Reference pictures of lit torches

So I needed to find glass pieces that transitioned from yellow to orange, then orange to red…

Red and orange streaked glass with the pattern for the fire
Flames in transition
Yellow and orange stained glass with flame pattern
More flames in transition

Our dragon's little nostrils are still rather irritated and glowy, so I needed to find something fiery to help convey the steamy smoke.

Deep red and orange streaked glass with the pattern for the dragon's nostrils
The birth of flame

That'll do pig…

Now, I needed to find the perfect eye glass. This glass needed to be shiny and really draw the eye, so what better than this venomous glass with flecks of copper in it to add that little something something? It also looks excellent backlit.

A green and yellow streaked glass piece
Checking backlit colors

And would you just look at that streak of green? Let's just grab that…

Green and yellow streaked glass with the dragon's eye patterns
The eyes have it

Awww yeah…

Stay tuned for the next portion of “Light My Fire”

Stay Glassy!

Leia Powell

Artist Guest of Honor LibertyCon 36

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