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“Light My Fire” – Progress Update

Hours so far: 43

I apologize for not having the spare time to blog. I did wish you to see the work-in-progress of “Light My Fire”. This is the window I am making for LibertyCon 36.

"Light My Fire" in progress (© Leia Powell 2023) Multiple pieces of stained glass forming a woman holding a torch and book and a blue dragon in the background.
"Light My Fire" in progress (© Leia Powell 2023)

This is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece and will be featured on the t-shirts, program book, and badges. Additionally, it will be the centerpiece of my bay in the Art Show. Make sure to stop by and see it and the other amazing pieces I’ve created. Then go around and see what other artists have created as well.

I’ve currently spent about 43 hours on “Light My Fire” and estimate it will be another 15-20 hours of work until it’s complete.

Stay tuned for the next portion of “Light My Fire”

Stay Glassy!

Leia Powell

Artist Guest of Honor LibertyCon 36

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