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View from the Top: Second Day

The excitement from the first day continued as the sun rose on LibertyCon's second day. As she has done for several years, Toni Weisskopf started the day by taking a group of enthusiastic pros and attendees on an exercise walk around the area. A breakfast including sausage and gravy was offered in the Con Suite.

The day continued with the opening of the Author's Alley, Dealer's Room, Art Show, and programming. This year the STEM track included a four-hour series on the potential problems and solutions ahead for colonizing Mars. In another room, our guests of honor gave several wonderful speeches. Panels included the state of the self-publishing market, upcoming projects from several publishers, how writers use their life experiences for inspiration in their stories, and several other topics.

For the first time in over a decade, LibertyCon hosted a masquerade. Fun was had by all and a wonderful assortment of costumes paraded across the stage for the audience to admire.

While all of these were going on, our wonderful pros and attendees stepped up and gave 34 units of blood during our blood drive. Thank you to all who gave or attempted to give.

In the Art Show, Leia Powell demonstrated the art of creating stained glass creatures to attendees. Additionally, several artists participated in our annual Charity Art Jam, creating new and unique pieces for the auction. Speaking of the auction, our Charity and Art Auction was amazing. We can't talk much about it here, but look for more information about it in a later post.

The Atlanta Radio Theater Company (ARTC) once again gave a great show. We closed out Saturday evening with several room parties and karaoke in the Tennessee River Room.

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