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Views from the Torch: LibertyCon 36 Wrap-Up in Numbers and Pictures

Photo of the Statue of Liberty from the back showing her head, crown, and upraised arm with the torch
Lady Liberty's Torch

Looking back, it’s hard to believe a week has already gone by since we wrapped up LibertyCon 36. We miss all of you dearly. A thank you to everyone who came, participated, laughed, smiled, and enjoyed LibertyCon. Without all of you it wouldn’t have been possible to have our event.

The After Action reports (AARs) have poured in, and the story they tell is one in the same. All of you had fun. Everyone wants to come back next year. What better ending for LibertyCon than that?

Let’s stand here on the torch and review some of the numbers and pictures from the amazing convention.

LibertyCon 36

21-23 June, 2024


216 staff volunteered time and energy

218 professionals participated in panels

206 panels were given

62 different professionals were available at the autograph tables

80 authors and artists participated in the Author and Artists Alley

Picture of the Blood Assurance Bloodmobile and four phlebotomists
The Blood Assurance Bloodmobile and the wonderful ladies who drew blood

Blood Donations

29 people attempted

21 people gave full amounts

2 people gave apheresis (double draw)



$11,735 from the Art and Charity Auction


Tournament and Drawing Winners

Spades Tournament: Sharon Weber

Blood Drive drawing: Jenna Stone



Art Show Award Winners

Best 3D: Leia Powell “Pandora’s Box”

Best 2D: Melissa Gay “Ritual Space”

Best Digital: Madolyn Locke “Arbalia”

Kid’s Choice: Madolyn Locke “Moonlit”

Doc Osborne Most Humorous: Amy Brewer-Davenport “Spill the Tea”

Polly Freas Best in Show: M.M. Schill “Tengu Courtesan”

LibertyCon in Pictures


Opening Ceremonies and Registration

That Ain't Quite Right Café and Bar

The artists, the authors, the panels...Oh my!

Art and Charity Auction

The Masquerade

 Closing Ceremonies and Dead Dog

 We can't wait to see you back next year for LibertyCon 37!

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