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2024 High Caliber Awards

The Cannon High Caliber Awards are an annual contest for new writers. In it we ask them to submit a novella length story of Science Fiction, Military or Fantasy genre to challenge their skills. Out of twenty seven entries we picked nine top ones and here they are!

1st Prize: Kevin Harris – Mightier than the Pen

A retired soldier turned monk sets out to protect a book of his people’s history, dogged by barbarians intent on claiming the books’ magic. When it comes down to it though, is the pen he had taken up mightier than the sword he had put down?

2nd Prize: Sam Robb – Blue as Sky, Black as Sin

A young travelling judge on the road with an Imperial Magus struggles to keep his own magical talent hidden while investigating a series of crimes that look to be the work of a powerful necromancer.

3rd Prize: Brian Gifford – Specialist Lieu Saves the World

What’s an ordinary American grunt in power armor supposed to do when aliens drop into his battlefield and try to take over the Earth? Why, start laying down fire, kicking alien ass, and maybe just save the world.

4th Prize: SC Visel – Troll Hunt

Cullen was a young man tasked to defend his tribe against the raids of the trolls from across the way. Badly wounded in combat with one of the creatures, he leaves his village to rescue a friend who had been captured, risking his own life in the process..

And five more stories that earned honorable mention, from military thrillers to magical duels and far ranging adventure!


Sam Robb
Doug Goodall
John Holmes
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