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Acts of War

Book 1 of 3: The Usurper's War: An Alternative World War II

Somehow I doubt that this is quite how anyone expected Adolf Hitler's death to turn out...--Squadron Leader Adam Haynes, No. 303 (Polish) Squadron

August 1942. London is in flames. Heinrich Himmler's Germany stands triumphant in the West, its "Most Dangerous Enemy" forced to the peace table by a hailstorm of nerve gas and incendiaries. With Adolf Hitler avenged and portions of the Royal Navy seized as war prizes, Nazi Germany casts its baleful gaze across the Atlantic towards an increasingly isolationist United States.

With no causus belli, President Roosevelt must convince his fellow Americans that it is better to deal with a triumphant Germany now than to curse their children with the problem of a united, fascist Europe later. As Germany and Japan prepare to launch the next phase of the conflict, Fate forces normal men and women to make hard choices in hopes of securing a better future.

For Adam Haynes, Londonfall means he must continue an odyssey that began in the skies over Spain. For while fighting Fascism has already cost him dearly, he would sooner perish than see a world where freedom has been snuffed out by a jackboot heel.

Despite nominally being a noncombatant, American naval officer Eric Cobb finds that neutrality is a far cry from safety. Forced to choose between the letter of the law and its spirit, Cobb makes a choice that irrevocably changes history.

In the Pacific, Tamon Yamaguchi must prepare himself and his men to fight a Pacific War that is far different than what his nation and the IJN had planned.  Forced to call off a meticulously planned surprise attack in December 1941, Japan instead turned north.  Rather than finding resources in Siberia, the Imperial Army found defeat and a tremendous loss of face.  Now, the Imperial Japanese Navy has once more turned its intentions towards Hawaii and the USN's Pacific Fleet.  Although Yamaguchi knows that his force will likely be detected, he intends to strike a heavy blow for his Emperor regardless of cost. 

Acts of War is the first novel of the Usurper's War series, which charts a very different World War II. As young men and women are forced to answer their nation's call, the choices they make and risks they take will write a different song for the Greatest Generation.


James Young
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