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Akiniwazisaga: A Light Rises in a Dark World

Book 1 of 3: Akiniwazisaga

What determines the value of a soul?

Despite young Reimar's heroics, his farmhold’s crops are burned in a savage raid. Desperate, the village elders petition for help from the church for enough food to survive the fast approaching winter. But the local parish is flooded with pleas from many others in similar need and aid is short.

Brother Finn, is stranded on his way into exile by a Viking attack that damaged his ship. On pain of death, he must reach his appointed sanctuary before winter freezes the lakes. Caring nothing for the consequences Brother Finn might suffer, the local priest who's authority he is under orders him to aid in the distribution of alms. Finn is sent to Reimar’s farmhold to gauge what can be done. Discovering the farmhold’s need, Brother Finn brokers a trade to make up the difference: seven children will be given to the church in exchange for the food needed to survive.

Having created the deal, Brother Finn is forced to finish what was started. He must escort Reimar and the other six children to Saint Martin’s Academy for training. He must shepherd them across the rugged land and lakes of Akiniwazi by train and ship. A gauntlet of dangers filled hostile savages, Vikings, killer storms and demons. Can Brother Finn reach his sanctuary before the snow comes? Will Reimar and the children survive their journey to a better life?


M.D. Boncher
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