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Annoyed With Lloyd

B.E.N.T. (Biological Enhanced Nascent Talent) Book 1

1954, the year of the asteroid, the year of change…

It altered the world forever.

People began to develop unexplained abilities. Biological Enhanced Nascent Talents seemed to appear at random. There was no particular genetic reason for fifteen percent of the human population to be affected. Talents developed skills that set them apart from the great majority of those affected.

The others… they were just BENT.

In ’58 Alexander Lloyd became America’s most wanted criminal and is still at large, but it’s much more difficult to hide in an ever-advancing technological world. There is no official place for him to retire, and it’s becoming harder and harder to do what he does.

So what does America’s most wanted 93 year old shapeshifter do? Does he spend his golden years in hiding or disappear to an island in the Caribbean? Or does he stay just ahead of the people who are always searching for him and maybe do a few good deeds along the way? Perhaps he’ll see if he can break the record. How many people can become Annoyed with Lloyd?


Chris Woods
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